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About Obelixa, also called Lixa


We live in a small village named Ytterstfors in Byske. The village is 30 km north of Skellefteå in Sweden. Obelixa lives in a big family together with me (Lillemor - Obelixas owner), my partner Jörgen, his two daughters (15 and 17 years old), my two daughters (10 and 13 years old) every second week and their  common little brother, who is 3,5 years old, full time.


Obelixa is primary a family member, which suits her stable mentality perfect.

She always joins our children’s football matches and our summer and winter caravan camps. Obelixa is reliable in every conceivable situation.


Lixa also loves to work. She is trained in rescue search, agility and other working dog sports. She is very mentally stable and loves challenges.





About Enzo:


Enzo is a cool guy in five years. Together with his master he has trained rescue search and other working dog sports. He is very happy, willing to work and he never gives up.


Enzo is used to follow his master everywhere. He adjusts after every possible situation that might appear. He rarely worries and can relax without problems.


Enzo is very mentally stable with a big appetite of working.



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Puppies for sale


E: Korad Strandsmedjans Enzo, HD/AD-free

U: Cawarottis Obelixa, HD/AD-free, MH, Lkl search, Lkl 1, HP, Champion quality

We expect mentally stable, healthy, willing to work and positive dogs with good exterior.

If you can and want to offer some of our puppies a stable and loving home with a lot of work with the dog, you are welcome to contact us. See contact information
at the start page.

We will offer you as new owner of an Ytterstfors puppy:

·   Training camps

·   Support and regular contact

·   Common mentally tests

All of our puppies are born, raised and socialized in a clean family home environment. This allows us spend quality time with each puppy, socializing with lots of human contact, including children in all ages and even cats. All this to promote the development of an outgoing, friendly and stable temperamented dog.


A Rottweiler is a large, robust and powerful dog breed
originating in Germany.

In the hands of a responsible owner, a well-trained and
socialized Rottweiler can be a reliable, alert dog and a
loving companion. In general, Rottweilers are fond of
children, very devoted, quick to learn, and eager to
please. They thrive on mental stimulation. They can be
strong-willed, however, and should thus be trained in a
firm, fair, and consistent manner. Rottweilers respond
readily to a clear and benevolent leader. Rottweilers are
playful animals who may frequently demand attention
from their owners.


Please contact me if you are interested in one of our puppies..


Best Regards

Ytterstfors Hundcenter & Kennel
c/o Lillemor Lindberg
S. Ytterstfors 51 [find]
S - 930 47 Byske
phone: +46 912 610 83
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